Saturday, March 30, 2013

Well folks, spent the last couple of weeks dealing with two flu type things and major pain from the change in weather and snow in our area.  I don't know if you know this, but I can tell you when a storm is coming days before it gets here!  What an irritating ability!  But, having the spine of a 90 year old when you're only 52 will do that to you!

So, I blogged last time about making the light box.  I have taken pictures within that  light box and I'm quite impressed.  I concentrated on the "white" background first, so that is what I have to show you right now.  Once I get completely over the stomach flu I have now, I'll take pictures with different backgrounds to show how something can be enhanced or even declined in the value of the view.

First I want to tell you that lighting was a disaster and I had to move the lighting around for several pictures, but I don't remember which ones!  I probably should write things down when they are happening!  Yep, I think that might be a great idea since I can't remember the details minutes later!

So here is a series of pictures taken, please let me know the "goods" and the "bads" that you may think of when seeing these pictures because I really would like to know before I post these on Etsy!

The first 3 are acrylic paints; The next set of 10 are wood burned, then painted; The last are acrylic paints on buckets (small buckets, but could be done on larger buckets as well and could be done for outside with outdoor or glossy paints).

Now all the pics seem to have a color appearing instead of just being white in the background, which wasn't there when I took the pics. I do think it may be a reflection of the colors of the pieces themselves interacting with the light applied to it.  Whatever it is, if I wanted a whiter look, I would have to find multiple ways of lighting up the box instead of just over the top to get rid of shadows that to me seemed light, but in the picture, appear darker. I could put a bulb coming in the sides of the box that were there as handles, even under the cloth if they don't get hot that is!  Don't want any fires!

I have others to take pictures of as well, but will also try other background colors to show how a little color behind and under the item can change the hue and the feeling about what is being seen. 

So that's it for today!
Have a great Easter & an awesome day! :)
LuAnn Marie

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