Monday, July 7, 2014

Getting Ready for a Craft Show

Hi Folks!

So, Labor Day weekend is fast approaching and I have a booth booked at our Labor Day Craft Show here in the big town of Redgranite!  Whooo hooo!  Last time I did this was in the beginning of the recession and I had like 4 sales!  Many seasoned crafters had the same results, so it wasn't just inexperienced me!  The question is...what things should I do to get ready for a craft show that is a success, not a failure?

The first thing I did was invest in a credit card scanner through Intuit.  I chose Intuit's credit card scanner because there is no monthly charge, it charges a percentage for each sale and it sends receipts to the patron through their email.  This credit card scanner attaches directly to my iPhone!  I have unlimited talk, text and web on my iPhone, so we're good to go!  I did do a test scan, and it worked great!  Yay!

Now figuring out what to sell.  If I sell paintings, I will have to frame them and have a peg board contraption.  I have a lot of things to sell, but not sure which to put out.  It is close to fall, so maybe I should focus on fall and Christmas things.

Decisions, decisions, decisions!

Sincerely Me,
LuAnn Marie

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

There are Days! (ok, for me weeks or years)

Hi folks!

Sooooo, just discovered I had this account!  There are days that I get so irritated with this short-term memory loss, because I don't remember I have a account.  Apparently, I haven't been here since March of 2013!  Kinda don't really remember being there then, but will reread my own blogs posted to find out what I had to say!

I have been quite lax on working on my art and on organizing my art room!  When I come to start to organize the room, it is so overwhelming to me that I pack it back up and leave the room!  I just have to stop doing that!  So, for as long as I remember, I will start to try to hanker down on getting back to my art work and organizing my little room!  (I hope I can remember that!!!!).

Ok, so for today, I can't write more than this because I am quite wiped out after a super busy day!  So will work on remembering to post more within a day or two.

Thanks for your patience!

LuAnn Marie