Friday, March 1, 2013

Feeling Ooky

Today is March 1st and...well...I'm feeling ooky!  Sore throat, earache, probably should rest for the day.  Resting doesn't mean I can't do anything artistic today.  So many times when we're not feeling well, we plant ourselves down in front of the television and watch mindless hours of useless T.V. shows.  Maybe it's time to rethink what feeling ooky can do for you!

I have not sat down and drawn for a long time!  There are many things that I could create on a day like today.  The list is a good one!
    1.  Scrapbook Pics:  Roses; Cartoon eyes, faces, ears; Rivers with strong shore line; Stars of all sizes; Bunnies & other cute animals, etc.
    2.  Faces, eyes and lips 
    3.  Old family pictures of relatives from way back in black & white picture days to preserve them from years of ware.
    4.  Cut out flower shapes from egg cartons to create roses, tulips, etc to paint and put together for inexpensive but beautiful bouquets or flower arrangements.

The important thing to remember is that it doesn't take much energy to sit with a drawing pad, creating projects that can be used later in scrapbooking, for presents, the first part of creating other craft items such as the egg carton flowers.  We all have to get our creative on in the midst of feeling ooky!  Let's get our creative on! :)

Hope you have a wonderful and creative day!
LuAnn Marie

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