Friday, February 17, 2017

Life in the Last Year!

Here we go again!

I have got to find a way to remember I have this blog! Just found it again and of course, as I've said repeatedly in previous blog posts, I don't remember having written/posted these things. So will give you as much of an update as I can as to what's happened since the last blog.

The art room never got organized, even after we moved in July of 2016. I did, however, find things I didn't remember having! Haha! Jackpot! Haha! What, you ask, did I find? Yeah, not a clue, but I remember saying that to the gal who helped me pack for the move several times, “Wow! I wonder where this came from!” hahaha!

So, as I said, we moved from our house to a two bedroom apartment. No more shoveling or caring for the lawn! Yay! However, WHAT A DISASTER! Moving for someone with short-term memory loss, is insane! I search constantly for things, but finding stuff in the kitchen is getting easier. However, yesterday, I needed my rolling pin to roll out a pie crust! Yeah! It wasn't in the kitchen, it was in the art room! There are boxes in the art room, but I have no idea what is in them. So, will work on that after I get over being sick, which I am now. I'm also sick of being sick! This is week three of being sick! (Feeling grumpy).

Another reason for not tackling the art room is because in December of 2016 and January of 2017, I had carpel tunnel surgery in both wrists and had a trigger thumb released in my left hand. On the final recheck with the surgeon, he informed me that I have rheumatoid arthritis in my right thumb that will require trigger thumb surgery eventually which is a repeat of what happened in my left thumb. Comes from years of using my hands I guess or can be inherited from a parent. However my mom doesn't have arthritis in her hands, so it must be my craftiness that caused mine.

Something good that came out of the surgery though is, that my hands are no longer numb! Yay! It had gotten quite bad right before the surgery. I was no longer able to sleep because the numb hands were intensely painful. I know, that doesn't make sense, but numb means tingling and sharp pains that shoot into your hands and fingers out of nowhere! Just suddenly, a zinger (as I call it) shoots into the hands. After we moved, it got so bad that we almost went to the emergency room because if felt like lightning bolts were shooting from my elbows into my hands. It was so bad that I couldn't even sit down and I was pacing and freaking out. But my husband remembered something that was done in the past that relieved pain, so he took hold of my wrists and slowly pulled down on them from different angles and soon the pain subsided to a pain level I could handle. That's what led to testing and surgery. I am so thankful that the pain and numbness is now gone!

A sad note, a month before we moved, our 11 year old cat died. She was the talker and followed me around daily, meowing (talking) to me all day long. She was so cute! She was petite and so beautiful! She was an orange tiger cat with orange eyes. I miss her very much.  Her sister is still alive and has since taken over the daily talking routine! Haha! What a cutie! She will be 12 years old in May.

I also didn't update to tell you all that we now have a grandson. He is now 16 months old. He is completely adorable and has a great sense of humor! Here are some pictures to update! Hehehe, grandma's have to share these, it's a law! Hahahaha!

My first time with my new grandson who was born October 2016.

What a great sense of humor this boy has!

This is one of my favorites!  Graham and his cat Moe who was checking out this new creature!

Graham and his dog who is deaf, Beethoven

I love the way Graham put his hand on grandpa's shoulder when laughing!  That was hysterical!

Our cute little Toy Story cutie!

We also inherited two other grandchildren, Willow-8 and Zayden-10 in September.

There you go!  My big butt, my daughter and my new granddaughter!

Aren't they cute! :)

Okay, so the last update is the new craft I have begun to learn and do, and that is Quilling! Quilling is something that I have completely avoided for many years because it just looked too hard to do! But, I put aside the fear of failure and bought a quilling kit on and fell in love with the art! So I will show you a few things I have done! Hopefully, if I remember this blog is here, I will show you more in the future!

I can tell you that the toes on those feet can shoot across the room without warning when assembling the feet!  The cat had a blast running after them! Luckily she didn't swallow them! haha!

Here I put things I quilled into my grandson's first birthday card that I bought. 

 This I call "the nervous breakdown tree" because it was extremely hard to put all these little pieced together without shooting them across the room! 

The following are the envelopes of cards I gave to family members for Christmas.  These weren't mailed though, the post office would throw them out if I did that! haha!

So there you have it!  An update of 2016 into 2017!  My wrists are mostly healed, but it will take time before I can lean on a table to get up out of a chair or clap! haha!  Every day I stretch the nerves, hands and wrists and in a month or two I'm sure they will be 100%  

Always remember, you may have limitations and ailments, but there's always hope!  You just have to learn how to do things differently!  Sometimes it's frustrating, but when you find a way to overcome something, it's time to celebrate and praise God for that wonderful day!

Hope to write more soon!
Sincerely Me,

LuAnn Marie

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