Monday, September 4, 2017

An Issue Overcome!

A big hello to all of you who follow my blog!  It has been a busy seven months! Let me share with you what has been going on!

As you know, we moved!  One of my struggles was with organizing the art room aka, studio which now is also my business office as well.  As of two days ago, I have overcome the clutter and have gone through all the boxes that were piled to the ceiling!  I went through and decided three things:

1. Give away
2. Throw away
3. Stays

In doing that, I was able to concentrate better.  I had one thing in my hand and that was the only thing I allowed myself to concentrate on, which helped my brain to not shut down when in such clutter.  That is the change I made this time.  I get to give away a van load of items to a rummage sale coming up that is being held to send people to Africa to teach people how to sew and deal with medical issues as well as help with making wells for water with them.  What's so great about having a vision of something beyond myself, was to make this project of organizing the office/studio, not about me!  It really helped me to focus on what was most important about doing this!  I now have that van-full of things to give to the rummage sale to help others and will be dropping it off on Wednesday!

Now my job is going to be to go make labels for my bins and drawers so I know what is inside.  I don't have a memory to draw back on to find something and that is the hardest thing for me.  Once something is moved, that's the end of the memory of the item forever.  I will be doing that after today's holiday!  I'm giving my brain a rest for today!

Yesterday, I gave myself a gift for accomplishing this task!  I invited a few friends over for lunch after church!  I slow-cooked a pot roast (okay, two pot roasts) and it was delicious food and great company!  They all were really excited about how the office/studio looked because they knew what it looked like before! haha!  So they were very excited about the change!  So folks, reward yourselves when you overcome something!  My reward was a healthy meal with wonderful friends!  How can it get any better than that?

My hope for all of you is to overcome and turn darkness into light, to turn grief & sadness into joy and to turn hopelessness into a life filled with hope!  God created each of us with His own hands and because we're in a broken world, His plan may have gotten pushed to the back burner!  Our job in life is to find the path we know was created for us through Him, and overcoming hurdles to get there!  In that place, that is where we will be fulfilled!  It is the journey of overcoming that brings us joy and hope!  So turn your hurdles into smooth paths of joy!

I'll write more soon!  Keep smiling!

Sincerely Me,
LuAnn Marie!

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