Tuesday, February 26, 2013

End of Day Update on Organizing

Today has been a very productive and busy day!  To remind, here's my list:

1. Plan 3 art projects to work on for spring
2. Organize Art room (getting pretty messy)
3. Wash clothes
4. Do a workout
5. blogger.com - post if needed

Now, one thing I don't usually put on my work list, but I might want to from now on, is my Bible study time.  I do that first and foremost because it is what shapes me for the day and makes me a much more pleasant person to be around!  haha!  So I need to add that from now on!

But, the update as to the list is as follows:

1.  Plan 3 art projects to work on for spring
     1.  Design Picture Frame Art for frames in stock
     2.  Egg Carton Flowers
     3.  Test Strip Bottle Baseball Players

     Now that those are chosen, tomorrow I work on the how-to list and the shopping list

2.  Organize Art Room - Break Down: Make list of 1st 6 things needed to do
     1.  Sort recycles (This year is recycle art year...no waste and no cost base for art)
     2.  Choose your 3 projects from the recycles
     3.  Take the rest of the recycles to attic for storage
     4.  Go through closet shelf and:
          a.  Throw out junk that doesn't work
          b.  Sort "to do" projects
          c.  Organize All:
               1.  Books
               2.  Paper types for projects
               3.  Pamphlets
               4.  Articles stored
           When done with this, file these in the appropriate places
      5.  Organize Book Shelves
      6.  Go through gadget hanger and make a list of what is there so I remember what is there!

Now, after making this list of what needs to be done to organize the art room, I can see that it will take me either one day set aside to work on only those in the list or I will have to break them down into tasks that will get done over a few days.  Since I am slow paced, I'm thinking breaking them down over a few days would be more productive for me than to try to crash do things in one day.  The whole point of organizing things is so they are organized.  If I feel rushed, I may start just shoving things here and there just to get done, which is how I got in this mess in the first place! hahaha!

3.  Washed 2 loads of laundry AND remembered to put them in the dryer!  (You just don't know how long laundry takes me to get done because I can't seem to remember I'm doing laundry!)

4.  Did my workout and stretches
5.  Posted on blogspot twice! 

What is most important about this day, is that I did get off track several times today, but because I had my list on the table, I was able to bring myself back to the tasks at hand and will be able to move on tomorrow!  Organizing the day gives me more time in the long run to do more or to take a little facebook break :)  I do love facebook breaks!  Hope your day was as productive as mine was!

LuAnn Marie

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