Friday, July 22, 2011

Creation Without Memory

I can honestly say that each and every art project I work on, is the first time I've ever tried the techniques!  I was hospitalized with Encephalitis in 2008, then lapsing into a "walking coma" for 10 days (7 days in the hospital and 3 days after being sent home).  I live in Hicksville, USA and my doctor, the nurses, the neural doctors were all unfamiliar with Encephalitis which is swelling of the brain.  So, they thought I was crazy instead of physically ill.  Luckily a Social Worker recognized that there were severe physical symptoms and prevented them from locking me away in a mental institution.  On day seven of my coma, I came out of it for about 2 hours when a new Neurologist came in and told me he read my brain tests and that I had Encephalitis.  Unfortunately, he never told my doctor and they sent me home 20 minutes later, to which I have no memory for 3 days after that, lapsing back into the walking coma.

I said all that to say this.  One side effect I have from the Encephalitis, is severe short term memory loss.  I can remember conversations I have with people most of the time, how to get to places near our home and people and places from before the Encephalitis.  But when I sit down to paint or do an art project, I learn it every time because I don't remember how to do it and have to practice before seriously attempting a project.  If I'm going to do the project today, I must practice first, then complete it, because tomorrow, we start from scratch again!  If I move something from where it used to be before the Encephalitis, I can't find it and spend hours searching for it, with one memory of the object, that being a picture of it sitting in my hand(s).  No "retrace your steps" memory is available to me, so I just keep searching until I find it (if I find it).

Now that may sound really bad, but in life, we adapt to things, even in the worst of circumstances.  For me, it creates extreme joy every time I paint things, because I am surprised that people can actually recognize what it is! haha!  The color, the shape of objects, the beauty of the finished project is a new joy for me every day.  Seeing MY initials signed on the paintings, brings me such joy every time I see them!

My message to all of you who are reading this is, I know that life hands you lemons at times, but instead of being defeated by that, become a creator and make lemonade out of that lemon!!!  We are all stronger and bigger than our limitations!  Finding a way to overcome them and rejoice in that accomplishment brings you peace of mind and empowerment.  There's nothing to big to overcome!  But don't forget to give thanks to the Lord for being able to see this change and being able to rejoice in it!  I hope you will be an "overcomer" today!

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